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About us

About us

International Gym - chain of gymnastics centres. First Gymnastics Olimpic center was founded by Evgeny Sapronenko and Igor Vihrov in 2007. Today we have grown and we are located in Latvia, Russia and Lithuania. Our gymnastics centers are one of the best equipped gymnastics centres for kids and adults. We have baby foam modules, ten trampolines, modern 15m long acrobatic track - everything that could possibly hope an athlete for and sport enthuziast. 

International gym center (Gymnastics Olympic center) are the only one to have modern calisthenics mat.

Well equiped gymnastics center allows to train extreme sports such as "snowboard" - acrobatics and parkour. Jumping on trampolines can anyone without previous experience. There are no limits - only determination and strength. 

International Gym offers Baby gym from age of 1.5. One of the parent assists a baby (group 1.5-3years) during a gymnastics class. These sessions train flxibility, strength, endurance and coordination.